Piggy banks, car doors, pockets, purses and sofa cushions.  Change can be found basically anywhere.

My husband has an eye for stray coins, and he always picks them up. Continue reading


Gobble Gobble…

I can’t believe the Holidays are here!  Each year, as my children get older the Holidays become more and more exciting/stressful/fun/memorable/expensive….and I wouldn’t change it for a minute. Continue reading

“German Pancake”

What a beautiful October Friday!

It is such a PERFECT day for a knee replacement!

Seriously, my sweet grandmother, whom my family lovingly calls, “Nanny,” is getting her second knee replacement today.  So in honor of her, I bring you a super special recipe.

When I was a little girl, I loved my grandparent’s house.  I remember those childhood days so clearly…

from the way that the bees would fly around their back yard on a hot summer day…

to the way my grandaddy’s barn always smelled like motor oil,…

to the sound of the hardwood creaking as you walked down their hall…

those memories are true treasures. Continue reading

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean

So here I sit typing, waiting for my kids to fall asleep for their naps.  Let me just say, I’m in a good mood.  I put away winter clothes, got out summer clothes, reorganized my Little Buddy’s closet, went to the gym, made lunch and now I am getting ready to clean bathrooms. Continue reading