And so it begins!

I’ll admit it, I’m totally a self declared blog lover.  One of my favorite things to do is veg out on the couch with my iPad and read The Pioneer Woman or some other blog I’ve stumbled upon after perusing Pinterest.  So naturally, having my own blog makes perfect sense, right?


Actually, my husband has been bugging me for years to write down different recipes I try or concoct.   He is also big into journaling and encourages me to do this as well, as I find myself searching for a way to organize my thoughts… happy, sad or indifferent. So, I guess I blame this blog on him. 🙂

I’m not a photographer and I have recipe flops. But…

I love to cook. Cooking is probably one of my greatest stress relievers.

I like to write.  I dabbled a bit in writing while in college and still find it enjoyable.

I need to be more structured with my journaling because in truth, it does help me gather my thoughts, draw closer to God and improve my prayer life, so blogging will be an accountability of sorts.

Plus, I totally dislike my handwriting.

My goal is to be real, open and reflective; whether it be about a cupcake success, mommy mishap or life lesson.

My hope in life is that with every breath I take, I’m learning and growing.

Growing as a mother, wife and friend, all while learning how to live a grace-filled life.


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