Beets! (Part 2)

Because my son is playing with the iPad, because my daughter is fighting her nap and because I’m not venturing out of the house with these two due to the snow we had here, I’m taking a poll!

Yesterday, My friend Jennifer left a comment about how she is a beet lover and how it reminded her of when her grandmother used to make them when she was a kid.  I loved that my silly, but true post brought her such a sweet memory.  But I’m curious, who else likes beets? 

Raise your hand if you like beets!

Well, since I can’t see you, that wont do.

Since most of you are probably snowed in too, let’s have a little fun! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below too!

Cheers!  May your day be filled with warmth, compliant children, and something yummy to eat!


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