Ruby “Tails”

Let’s be real, if you have ever been to my house you would know that our dog, Ruby, is special in oh so many ways. She’s mighty and loyal. Playful and ferocious. She loves lawn mowers and swimming pools. She loathes vacuums and cats. She has actually killed 4 oppossums in one week, two of which were full size…no lie. Sounds like your typical dog, right?

Well, our 13 lbs Jack Russell needs to be rehabilitated.

A full detox treatment program would probably work best.

You see, she has an addictive personality and for the past year, she wont stop chasing her tail. It was cute and funny at first, but now it is completely problematic. It doesn’t matter if she is in the living room or under a laundry basket, the tail chasing continues. Of course my little buddy thinks it is hilarous…needless to say, she is a terrible influence on the poor fella.

She really can’t help herself. I’m sure experts would say it is a result of boredom and in all honesty, they’re probably right. She despises Winter as it puts a dent in her lifestyle…there is no need to mow the grass; it doesn’t grow when it’s cold out and the wildlife are few and far between. Plus, she doesn’t have much of a Winter coat, so of course she thinks being outside is completely absurd.

When she really gets going with her tail, my husband always tells her that, “it’s not funny, no one is laughing anymore. ”

She stops, but that is because she is insulted…How dare we not appreciate the countless hours she has spent increasing her tail chasing skills to turbo speed?! Sigh.

Prayers for warm weather are being lifted up today. If not warm weather, can my poor dog please get a mood pill?!

Ruby 1


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