Cream and Sugar Please!

I have to say, I love coffee.

I love the way it smells, I love how it keeps my hands warm on a cold afternoon and I love it’s assertively bold flavor.

Ever since we got a Keurig, my husband and I have become addicted to dark roast. This isn’t necessarily a good thing; a weaker roast reminds me of the coffee they brewed when I worked at the hospital, which essentially tastes like bitter hot water.


Derrick drinks his coffee black with a little honey….which to me tastes like sweetened motor oil.

I personally like cream and sugar, so when I had to cut out dairy from my diet due to my daughter’s dairy sensitivity, I began searching for a comparable substitute.

Note: lactose free creamers or lactose free anything does not necessarily mean dairy free.

I’m not a fan of soy milk, so I tried almond milk. I was completely underwhelmed. In fact, I’d just as soon go to the closest hospital and ask them to brew me a pot then put it through an IV, just so I could get the caffeine, not the flavor.

I was devastated…..what was I going to do without this daily staple?

How would I possibly survive having two young children and no caffeine?!

Then it happened. I had an idea.

With my sweats on and my unwashed and possibly unbrushed hair pulled up in a lackluster pony tail, I loaded up my kids and headed to the grocery store.


I was not about to get all dressed up to go to Walmart. It would’ve taken me an extra hour to get ready, which would have interrupted nap time. No thanks…nap time is equally about the mother as it is the child. We love naps at my house. 🙂

Okay, back to my story.

Once in the store, I made a bee line towards the canned goods isle and there it was….I was so excited I wanted to bust! Which would have been fine since I had on my elastic waistband pants.


Coconut milk.

Not coconut water.

Coconut milk.

In the can not the carton. Full fat deliciousness.

Seriously, this stuff is awesome. The coconut flavor is super mild, so if you’re not a coconut lover, you’d be fine. It is fattening, but you are not using a large amount….plus, I’d rather have a little of something that tastes good than a lot of something that tastes so-so.

Now if you would excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy my freshly brewed cup of coffee while my precious children rest quietly in their beds.



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