Cough Syrup

My little buddy has a cough. Straight up. No phlegm, no runny nose, just a cough.

My five-month-old daughter cut her first tooth yesterday.

She slept through the night. My son did not.

I went to bed around 9:30ish, my husband around 10:30 and at 11:30 the coughing began and continued periodically for the rest of the night. In his sleepy delirium, my little buddy cried out for a “dink” (drink) and for “maaaaaamaaaaa” and “daaaaaaaddyyyyyy.” After the second round of getting out of bed, I rolled over, grabbed the iPad and looked up home remedies for cough suppressants.

I clearly remember staying with my grandparents as a little girl and my grandaddy spoon feeding me a lemon-honey mixture and feeling so much better afterwards. So of course, in my sleepy delirium I looked up what Dr. google had to say.

After browsing a few reputable sites, I found a concoction and shared the recipe with my husband, who was also in the same sleepy state as me. I will say, men don’t function well when they are sleepy, they become confused, and almost delusional. This is equally funny as it is frustrating, but that’s a whole post in itself ;).

Then I I waited.

I waited for another cough.

{cough cough}

It happened. Another cough.

As the coughing continued, I waited again.

I waited to see if my husband would offer to go concoct the coughing concoction.

He, of course, was waiting for me to do it.

So we both laid there wide awake, pretending like we were asleep, in hopes that the other would crawl out of our warm bed to go all the way downstairs and make this “syrup” for our sweet little coughing son.

I won.

Despite the fact that I had to yell down the steps to remind my dear spouse for the third time that the measurement was for teaspoons not tablespoons, I stayed in bed.

Despite the fact that my eyes were open the entire time and I was mixing the ingredients together in my head while my husband was downstairs, I stayed in bed.

Despite the fact that I should’ve gotten up, I stayed in bed.

I was tired.

I was really tired.

I was so tired that apparently the coughing continued  throughout the night and I didn’t hear it…mother of the year I tell ya!

As we got our kids ready for bed tonight, we both agreed that we would be more preventative, given our lethargy from the night before.

Once again I followed up with Dr. Google who suggested giving 2 teaspoons of honey prior to bed. This was a marvelous idea for all of us! Happy mama, happy daddy, happy buddy.

So we put the honey aka, “cough syrup medicine,” in a measuring cup and let our little buddy drink it all by himself.

Then in happened…

This is honey we are talking about here…slow and sweet.

Watching my son take his first sip I knew we were in for it. One taste of that sweet nectar on his lips brought not only a grin, but a cough.

The biggest fake cough you’ve ever heard.

Because of course when his “cough syrup medicine” was all gone…

{cough cough}

…he needed some more. 🙂



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