Ganowa (I mean Granola!)

Today my cup runneth over…in the form of a basket.  A basket filled with laundry.

My laundry runneth over.

I am trying to find peace with laundry, I really am.  It is never ending.  When you have a baby, a three-year-old and a husband who seems to change his clothes at least twice a day, the cycle never stops.  I don’t know about you other moms, but do you ever feel like when you are folding your family’s clothes, you have the fewest items in the pile? Strange. Maybe it’s because I wear the same thing everyday:  at work I wear scrubs and at home I wear workout-type pants/sweats, which is the most practical (or maybe the mere thought of wearing jeans or anything that doesn’t have an elastic waistband sends chills down my spine…Ha). Continue reading


Baby Food 101

Things have been pretty busy around my house lately.  I have been working on this post FOREVER and today I FINALLY finished…..shew.

Making homemade baby food was one of my favorite things that I did for my son when he was a wee tot.  Now that my daughter is a full six months old (wahh!) my baby food making is in full gear! Continue reading

Play Dough for Dinner

If you like to eat play dough, do I have recipe for you!

Sense my sarcasm?

I can only assume that the strange weather around here has made me go a little bananas because I made THE weirdest gluten free tortillas ever.


I don’t like when recipes don’t turn out…it makes me angry and frustrated and grow horns like some X-men or other Marvel Comic character. Though it would be nice to have Wolverines claw things, I could chop veggies in a jiffy! Continue reading