Play Dough for Dinner

If you like to eat play dough, do I have recipe for you!

Sense my sarcasm?

I can only assume that the strange weather around here has made me go a little bananas because I made THE weirdest gluten free tortillas ever.


I don’t like when recipes don’t turn out…it makes me angry and frustrated and grow horns like some X-men or other Marvel Comic character. Though it would be nice to have Wolverines claw things, I could chop veggies in a jiffy!

Anyways, back to the tortillas.

The other night, I decided to make homemade tortillas for tacos.  I made regular tortillas for my husband and little buddy and I made a gluten free/paleo version for myself.

This MuTu workout program that I am doing has a food guideline that they suggest you follow for maximum results.  It is basically paleo eating, with a few exceptions.

I found a recipe for paleo tortillas that was basically egg whites and coconut flour.  GF/paleo people rave about coconut flour, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Let me set the scene:

My husband was upstairs playing with the kids so I could cook dinner in peace (hallelujah!).  I made the regular tortilla dough first. I had flour everywhere, my Kitchen Aid mixer was a mess and I had 16 balls of dough sitting on my counter with my rolling pin ready to flatten them into precious little circles.

The dough balls had to rest for 15 minutes, so I thought that I would utilize that time to prepare my paleo tortilla ingredients.  The texture seemed okay, and the recipe said they would be a bit more like crepes.  So I mixed everything together and also let them set, as the recipe instructed, to let the coconut flour rehydrate a bit.

I then moved BACK to cooking the regular tortillas, rolling out one and cooking it quickly, then rolling out one and cooking the next etc. all while browning my hamburger.  Half way through these tortillas, I seasoned the meat, let it cook more, poured it into a separate dish and set it aside.  I then sauted some peppers, onions and black beans.

Despite the huge mess, my watery eyes from the onion and my growling stomach, I had quite the system going…let me tell ya!

Everything was ready, except my tortillas…so I poured a bit of batter into my skillet and waited for the “dough” to spread as the recipe said it would.

I kept waiting.

It never spread.  So I flipped this strange looking blob in hopes that my fear of nasty unsuccessful tortilla was just a mere thought.  Boy did I pick the wrong recipe to trial.  They looked horrible and tasted even worse.  Unless of course you like the taste of coconut flavored scrambled eggs. 

Gag me with a spoon.

So at this point, I was completely frustrated not only because they didn’t turn out, but because I really wanted to eat tortillas!!! Despite the mess and being completed flustered, dag-nab-it, I was determined to find another, quick-cooking tortilla recipe!

So I found one that I had all of the ingredients for.  At this point everyone was back downstairs; their stomachs were growling too. I went ahead and made my little buddy his tortilla, while I frantically stirred and rolled and cooked.

The “new” tortillas looked okay and were able to be rolled, which is obviously the goal with a tortilla. (Gluten free flour lacks the elasticity that regular flour has due to the gluten, which can present as a problem with recipes like this one.)

I cooked the first tortilla.  It looked good, so I took a bite.  It wasn’t bad, but it did remind me of something.  I chose to ignore this thought as to stay confident in my decision of pursuing this recipe.

I then encouraged my husband to try a piece.

He took a bite and smiled, trying not to laugh.

I then said, “they taste like play dough don’t they?”

He of course smiled and laughed, trying to make light of the truth that was my gluten free, edible, play dough-tasting tortillas.

In the end, I don’t have a recipe for you.  Sorry.



Better luck next time I guess.

I still ate them anyway. 🙂


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