Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean

So here I sit typing, waiting for my kids to fall asleep for their naps.  Let me just say, I’m in a good mood.  I put away winter clothes, got out summer clothes, reorganized my Little Buddy’s closet, went to the gym, made lunch and now I am getting ready to clean bathrooms.

Speaking of cleaning bathrooms, there is something we MUST talk about.  Well, I am going to technically write about it and pretend that you are talking back to me as that little voice in my head. mmmk? (okay!)

Ai yai yai….  I digress.

So back to cleaning.  Not all cleaning products are created equal.  I grew up in a Windex-loving family and this is definitely the #1 household cleaner that we use in our home today.  But there is s product on the market, something kind of newish that I have fallen in love with.    It doesn’t have a smell, it doesn’t spray and it can be reused and then thrown out once it has basically reached the point of no return.

Did I mention that it was created by some bald headed cleaning man, who wears one gold hoop earring and has jacked muscles?

What is this product I speak of?

This bad boy:

mr clean

These little Magic Erasers are seriously legit.  I have used them on glass, carpet, microfiber, tile, vinyl, laminate, etc.  I have even read that you can cut a little square off and drop it in the part of the toilet that fills with water; oh you know, the part with the lid that sits behind the seat?  (I want to call it a tank, but then I feel like I should buy a few $.25 goldfish to drop in there too;  that would be WEIRD.) 

Speaking of weird, I wonder if they would work well on my Little Buddy’s face after eating strawberries, or lollipops, or really anything he puts in his mouth or my baby’s entire body after she eats avocado?

(I’m kidding!!!)

If you haven’t used them before, you should know that your life will be changed forever; not just by the awesomeness of their cleaning power, but by the mere confusion of “what the heck it really is!”

Seriously, what is it?

If you can tell me, I’ll give you a dollar.

I take that back, I’ll make you cupcakes.  I don’t typically carry cash. 🙂

That’s it.  I shall go now and clean these icky bathrooms with my disintegrating, probably-should-be-thrown-out-but-it’s-my-last-one magic eraser.

magic eraser

Oh, and I’m totally serious about the cupcakes.


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