Happy Fall Y’all!

I can’t believe it.  How is it already October (tomorrow)?  The summer flew by, my baby turned one, my little buddy started preschool, I started a new job and now I’m staring at a half eaten bowl of candy corn! 

Oh, and I haven’t blogged in five months.

Unbelieveable I tell ya.  There are no words…For real though, I think that I had writer’s block during the summer or was just busy.  Either way, I’m back and I am hoping to be more consistent with my posts.

Now, where were we?

oh yeah…I LOVE fall.

In all honesty, my fall decor has been up for three weeks, I could eat pumpkin year round and I always burn fall-like candles. So, what can I say, I’m a true lover of this season.

Despite the sadness that the end of the summer brings with no more beach days, flip flops or overly hot sunshine, I don’t know that I have ever met anyone who doesn’t like this time of year.  See below:

  • Are you a consumer of pumpkin spice lattes?
  • Do you drink apple cider?
  • Are you a football watcher?
  • Do you love fall attire?
  • Do you own a pair of boots?
  • Does your hubby or boyfriend have a scruffy beard?
  • Are your legs scruffy under your jeans?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions CONGRATS!  You belong to team “September October November and part of December!!!”

Or maybe you are team “Equinox.”

Or maybe you are just team “Autumn.

Or MAYBE you are team “Redskins!” Wait, what? Did I just say that?

For the record, I am NOT team Redskins.  I grew up in a family of Cowboys’ fans.  So of course I just followed suit.  I married a man who, after years of ONLY watching and playing baseball, decided that he indeed LOVE football too.  He is a Bears fan.

Because I love my husband, and because my roots are with the Cowboys, I’m a Dallas Bears fan who also really likes the Seahawks.

Believe it or not, I didn’t really start WATCHING football until last season.  I was never interested in watching a group of men topple over one another in freezing cold temperatures while wearing spandex JUST to secure a football.  Then, after listening to my husband and my brother rant and rave about their Fantasy Football teams, I decided that I needed to understand what on earth they were talking about.  So, I asked my husband to really explain the game to me.  He did; now I would much rather watch a football game on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday than any other show on television.

So there’s that.  My stance on fall and football in a nutshell.

I plan on continuing with my typical blog posts of mommy moments, recipes etc. and I am really looking forward to what the next few months have in store with the holidays upon us…

 It feels good to be back here on the blog.

It feels good to be typing again.

It feels good to be in a new season.


Until next time, may your house smell like cinnamon, your trick-or-treaters be polite and your football team score lots and lots of points…unless of course, they are the Redskins.


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