Hi, I’m Stephanie…thanks for stopping by! The goal of my blog is to be open about the things I love, the silly things I do, the lessons I learn and the food I eat. It is a way for me to organize my recipes, keep out-of-town family up-to-date, and journal, for lack of a better word, my life as a mom. I hope that you will enjoy my recipes, laugh at my bloopers and relate to me as an ever growing person and parent.

How I got into cooking: Way back in 2000, I remember flipping through the TV channels as I tried to fall asleep. I landed on the Food Network and began watching this show called, “The Best of …” I was fascinated as they featured food items from different restaurants around the country. That show was then followed by “Emeril Live.” Fast forward a few years and I was addicted to shows like “30 Minute Meals” and “Everday Italian.” I really started to enjoy cooking once I was in college and shared an apartment with some of my girlfriends. I was always the one in the kitchen…I loved the feeling that I got when I made a dish that someone enjoyed.

In 2007, I married my best friend and boyfriend since the age of 15, Derrick. As young newlyweds, I loved playing “Susie Homemaker,” buying different ingredients and trying new recipes. My love for cooking changed forever when I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls. I had accomplished a classic yeast bread recipe…and was so proud. They were beautiful and everything that you would want in a cinnamon roll. But let’s be honest…her recipes are as close to perfect as any could be.

Of course my husband enjoyed all of the new recipes and encouraged me to keep track of them, but I didn’t listen.

Years later, after the explosion of Pinterest and food blogs, I decided that I would try my hand at blogging too…if anything to keep track of my recipes and to apease my dear husband.

As a food allergy sufferer, I also wanted to be able to share the recipes that I enjoy using my gluten free substitutions so that fellow gluten free followers wouldn’t be left out!

Most of my recipes are not original, though I do tweak or change ingredients. It is important to given credit where credit is due, so you will always find the link to the original recipe I use at the end of a recipe post.

My Profession:
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech Pathologist
Speech Therapist
Feeding Therapist

The above are all titles that can be used interchangeably for someone who has a degree and is certified in Speech Language Pathology. We are licensed through the Virginia Board of Health Professions not The Virginia Department of Education. A teaching degree is something completely different, both my sisters-in-law are awesome elementary school teachers and I think they would agree that speech pathology and education degrees are completely different, that is why we would prefer to not be called “speech teachers.” Though what we do is often “teaching,” it is different because we work with children and adults who have a disorder/delay in their communication (articulation,expressive/receptive language, voice, stuttering etc.), swallowing/feeding development or have lost a skill due to a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Besides, a speech teacher is really someone who teaches public speaking anyway. 🙂

I currently work part time as an outpatient pediatric speech pathologist but have experience with adults in both the acute (hospital) and subacute (skilled nursing facility) settings. My heart is with swallowing disorders and cognitive rehab, though I do love treating kiddos who have a lisp!

Hmm, feeding? What does that have to do with speech pathology? Funny you should ask, I have the answer right here:
What does a speech pathologist know about feeding and swallowing? Just click and find out!


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